Probably not for the first time that I’ve made spelling mistakes but today I have made a much more significant error – Boaz’ mother was Rahab not Tamar. The story of Tamar is fascinating but she wasn’t Boaz’s mother she was his great…great grandmother several generations back! I also missed out an ‘n’ on the end of a word but I often do silly things like that! Sorry, Barry Hicks

2 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Thanks Barry for your comments, and for your apology. No worries about the typing errors. And thanks for the corrections that Rahab was the mother of Boaz, and Tamar was his great great Grandmother. Is Rahab the same woman who, in the Book of Joshua, who secreted the spies in her house, and sent those looking for them, off in the wrong direction?


  2. Your question is a good one. The spies were sent out before Joshua led the people into Cana. Then Joshua entered the land and lived for no one knows how long but Rahab came into Israel early in Joshua’s time. After Joshua there were about 400 years of the judges. Boaz was David’s great grandfather. Boaz, Obed, Jesse, David, and even if they were all 50 years old (unlikely) when they sired their sons, that only adds up to 150 years before David was born. And we have to fit in Saul’s kingship after the 400 years of judges! So there are to me two alternative explanations. (I totally reject the concept that the Bible is wrong!) So my 2 alternatives are Rahab became a ‘common’ family name, as “David” is in our family and thus this is a different Rahab. Secondly we know that in the Bible sometimes a generation or two plus is skipped and yet the person is called ‘the father’ of ‘he begat’. If the second is correct she was his great-great….grandmother. The Rahab of Joshua’s time is certainly mentioned in Hebrews 11.


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