Hebrews 10: 1-7…Reality v Shadow.

For since the law has but a shadow of the good things to come instead of the true form of these realities, it can never, by the same sacrifices that are continually offered every year, make perfect those who draw near. Otherwise, would they not have ceased to be offered, since the worshipers, having once been cleansed, would no longer have any consciousness of sins? But in these sacrifices there is a reminder of sins every year. For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.
Consequently, when Christ came into the world, he said,
“Sacrifices and offerings you have not desired,
but a body have you prepared for me;
in burnt offerings and sin offerings
you have taken no pleasure.
Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come to do your will, O God,
as it is written of me in the scroll of the book.’”

Comment: If the repeated sacrifices of the Old Testament had been effective they would not have necessarily been repeated all the time. We are given the key to why they were ordered by God in the phrase ‘in these sacrifices there is a reminder of sins every year.’ The Holiness of God was being highlighted and in addition the way was indicated that God was going to provide a satisfactory answer to the problem of sin.

God ordered the OT sacrifices but He took no delight in them, because they didn’t give a satisfactory answer. But they did continually reveal His hatred of sin and His desire for Holiness. The blood of bulls and goats highlighted the seriousness of sin but the blood of Christ was to provide a real answer. In Psalm 40 the promised Messiah is shown as offering His ear to God. This was the way, by punching a hole in the ear, that a person committed themselves as a permanent slave of their master.

Prayer: Show me Your will for me and then help me to do it, please.

2 thoughts on “Hebrews 10: 1-7…Reality v Shadow.

  1. Thank you for your comments, Barry. The concept of having a slave commit his life to his master by having his ear pierced with an awl, is something which I have only recently come to understand and grasp. I have read it many times in the past, but have not understood it’s significance. I looked up Exodus 21:5-6 where it is explained, and it shows why the ear piercing is done. It certainly makes sense now whenever I read about that. There are often many cultural things which we do not realize or understand, until we go back and find out what was done, and what it means.


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