1 Samuel 24: 16-22…..A Temporary Peace.

As soon as David had finished speaking these words to Saul, Saul said, “Is this your voice, my son David?” And Saul lifted up his voice and wept. He said to David, “You are more righteous than I, for you have repaid me good, whereas I have repaid you evil. And you have declared this day how you have dealt well with me, in that you did not kill me when the LORD put me into your hands. For if a man finds his enemy, will he let him go away safe? So may the LORD reward you with good for what you have done to me this day. And now, behold, I know that you shall surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in your hand. Swear to me therefore by the LORD that you will not cut off my offspring after me, and that you will not destroy my name out of my father’s house.” And David swore this to Saul. Then Saul went home, but David and his men went up to the stronghold.

Comment: Saul appears to be contrite and repentant for his hatred of David. He says the right things, David gives him a humble answer. It must have been very difficult for both of them. Saul has been told that his family is not going to remain as the royal line; David has already been anointed as the coming king by Samuel. The remainder of Saul’s life has to be lived out before David eventually gets to the throne. David says the right things to Saul, but I think is very wise to go up to the ‘stronghold’. Saul has multiple times proven himself as untrustworthy.

Prayer: Help me to be both gracious and wise when dealing in the matters of living.

3 thoughts on “1 Samuel 24: 16-22…..A Temporary Peace.

  1. Thank you Barry for your comments on this passage. When David called out to Saul as he left the cave, he would have had no idea of what Saul’s response would be. So it was very courageous of him to speak to Saul. But thankfully Saul’s response was one of contrition and humility, and acknowledgement of the fact that David would one day be the next King. But knowing Saul’s previous behaviour and his changing moods, it was better that David stayed in the stronghold with his men. God bless you.


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