1 Samuel 26: 22- ch 27: 1a…..David travels to Philistia.

And David answered and said, “Here is the spear, O king! Let one of the young men come over and take it. The LORD rewards every man for his righteousness and his faithfulness, for the LORD gave you into my hand today, and I would not put out my hand against the LORD’S anointed. Behold, as your life was precious this day in my sight, so may my life be precious in the sight of the LORD, and may he deliver me out of all tribulation.” Then Saul said to David, “Blessed be you, my son David! You will do many things and will succeed in them.” So David went his way, and Saul returned to his place.
Then David said in his heart, “Now I shall perish one day by the hand of Saul. There is nothing better for me than that I should escape to the land of the Philistines.

Comment: David returns to Saul what might have been a great piece of memorabilia for him to lug around as he travelled. He claims his own good character and trusts God to see and remember it. Saul says nice words but David doesn’t believe them. His actions are dependent on what he believes God wants and not on the empty promises of a proven untrustworthy person even though he is a king! In heart still a true Israelite David choses to live among the enemies of Israel!

Prayer: May I live in the integrity which I have learned from Your Word, O God.

One thought on “1 Samuel 26: 22- ch 27: 1a…..David travels to Philistia.

  1. Thank you Barry for your comments on this passage. David always seeks to honour God in all he says and does. Saul speaks words that sound plausible, but from his past performances he does not always do what he says, so David knows he is not reliable. He chooses to live among the Philistines, the enemies of Israel. David obviously has a plan in mind by doing this. God bless you.


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