John 19: 1-7; 19-22; 30…..God turns has face away.

Then Pilate took Jesus and flogged him. And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head and arrayed him in a purple robe. They came up to him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and struck him with their hands. Pilate went out again and said to them, “See, I am bringing him out to you that you may know that I find no guilt in him.” So Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. Pilate said to them, “Behold the man!” When the chief priests and the officers saw him, they cried out, “Crucify him, crucify him!” Pilate said to them, “Take him yourselves and crucify him, for I find no guilt in him.” The Jews answered him, “We have a law, and according to that law he ought to die because he has made himself the Son of God.”…….Pilate also wrote an inscription and put it on the cross. It read, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” Many of the Jews read this inscription, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city, and it was written in Aramaic, in Latin, and in Greek. So the chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate, “Do not write, ‘The King of the Jews,’ but rather, ‘This man said, I am King of the Jews.’” Pilate answered, “What I have written I have written.”……When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Comment: Maybe you can find time to read the several chapters devoted to this event in each of the gospel records. I have just picked a few verses from the story of several trials, a beating, much taunting, hours of agony, and finally death. What do you think was the most painful bit of it all for Him? Although I haven’t quoted it here, to me it was when He cried out ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? His eternal relationship with His Father was temporarily broken as He bore the punishment for all the sins of mankind.

Prayer: How may I know that Your Son did truly pay the price for all for sinning , O God. Please do something miraculous to prove it to me. A resurrection would do!

One thought on “John 19: 1-7; 19-22; 30…..God turns has face away.

  1. Thank you for your comments on this passage, Barry. I often wonder what it would have been like to be alive at the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection. On the day Jesus died, people had no expectation of His coming resurrection, even though He had explained it several times to His disciples. Their minds just couldn’t understand what He was saying, and what it all meant. The story of finding the empty tomb proves that none of them expected Him to rise from the dead. And I’m sure if I had been there with them, I would have done exactly the same as them. Praise God that He knew what He was doing. God bless you.


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