Genesis 6: 11-16….Nearly a clean sheet!

Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence. And God saw the earth, and behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. And God said to Noah, “I have determined to make an end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with violence through them. Behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make yourself an ark of gopher wood. Make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch. This is how you are to make it: the length of the ark 300 cubits, its breadth 50 cubits, and its height 30 cubits. Make a roof for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above, and set the door of the ark in its side. Make it with lower, second, and third decks.

Comment: God didn’t make the world, place man on the surface and say ‘You’re on your own now!’ He had and has a plan for how things will end up. Truly mankind’s sinful acts seem to have ruined His plan, but He still, while allowing us a lot of freedom, has His finger on the pulse and is able to to bring things to a successful conclusion. So by getting Noah to make an ark he gets rid of the bulk of very evil humanity and preserves His wonderful creation. Both Biblical and secular history let us clearly know that this wasn’t a permanent cure, but it is a very strong lesson. God can save and He won’t tolerate rebellion for ever. This story is a very colourful picture of how in the long run God plans to eventual have the perfect answer. It is all about Christ dying for our sins; heaven and hell; a final cataclysmic event to occur when Jesus comes back as the Judge!

Prayer: Help me to see how the Old Testament is showing us steps on the way to reveal Your final plan in Jesus.

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