Genesis 11: 10-26…..Shem leads to Semitic.

These are the generations of Shem. When Shem was 100 years old, he fathered Arpachshad two years after the flood. And Shem lived after he fathered Arpachshad 500 years and had other sons and daughters.
When Arpachshad had lived 35 years, he fathered Shelah. ……….
When Nahor had lived 29 years, he fathered Terah. And Nahor lived after he fathered Terah 119 years and had other sons and daughters.
When Terah had lived 70 years, he fathered Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

Comment: With the series of dots (……..) above I have replaced at least 5 generations of descendants of Shem, the oldest son of Noah. The Jews are said to be a Semitic race as are those who came through this line, which includes the Arabic peoples. That is – Semitic is derived from Shem. In the last line above we see that Terah fathered Abram, who name was later changed to Abraham. Abraham, through his sons Ishmael and Isaac, is the father of both the Arabic and Jewish people as we shall see. We will in the coming days find God meeting Abraham and making fantastic promises. Abraham is honoured by both races even today, and rightly so! God created the whole world and all peoples, but from here on the Old Testament deals mainly but not exclusively with the Jews (through Isaac).

Prayer: Help me to hear Your promises as we read them in coming days and to trust them.

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