Ruth 4:13-22…. The Jesus line!

So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife. And he went in to her, and the LORD gave her conception, and she bore a son. Then the women said to Naomi, “Blessed be the LORD, who has not left you this day without a redeemer, and may his name be renowned in Israel! HeContinue reading “Ruth 4:13-22…. The Jesus line!”

Ruth 4: 5-12… Patience pays off.

Then Boaz said, “The day you buy the field from the hand of Naomi, you also acquire Ruth the Moabite, the widow of the dead, in order to perpetuate the name of the dead in his inheritance.” Then the redeemer said, “I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I impair my own inheritance. Take myContinue reading “Ruth 4: 5-12… Patience pays off.”

Ruth 3: 13 – 4: 6… Meet the 4 players.

So she lay at his feet until the morning, but arose before one could recognize another. And he said, “Let it not be known that the woman came to the threshing floor.” And he said, “Bring the garment you are wearing and hold it out.” So she held it, and he measured out six measuresContinue reading “Ruth 3: 13 – 4: 6… Meet the 4 players.”

Ruth 3: 6-13….The plan seems to be working.

So she went down to the threshing floor and did just as her mother-in-law had commanded her. And when Boaz had eaten and drunk, and his heart was merry, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain. Then she came softly and uncovered his feet and lay down. At midnightContinue reading “Ruth 3: 6-13….The plan seems to be working.”