Psalm 32: 8-11… God replies!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will counsel you with my eye upon you.Be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding,which must be curbed with bit and bridle,or it will not stay near you.Many are the sorrows of the wicked,but steadfast love surrounds the one whoContinue reading “Psalm 32: 8-11… God replies!”

Psalm 29: 1-11…. The poet’s mind wanders!

Ascribe to the LORD, O heavenly beings,ascribe to the LORD glory and strength.Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name;worship the LORD in the splendour of holiness.The voice of the LORD is over the waters;the God of glory thunders,the LORD, over many waters.The voice of the LORD is powerful;the voice of the LORD isContinue reading “Psalm 29: 1-11…. The poet’s mind wanders!”

2 Peter 1: 16-21….I was an eye and ear witness!

For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. For when he received honour and glory from God the Father, and the voice was borne to him by the Majestic Glory, “This is myContinue reading “2 Peter 1: 16-21….I was an eye and ear witness!”

Mark 9: 1-8…. A clearer picture.

And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.”And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. AndContinue reading “Mark 9: 1-8…. A clearer picture.”

1 Samuel 31: 8-13…..The end of this book.

The next day, when the Philistines came to strip the slain, they found Saul and his three sons fallen on Mount Gilboa. So they cut off his head and stripped off his armor and sent messengers throughout the land of the Philistines, to carry the good news to the house of their idols and toContinue reading “1 Samuel 31: 8-13…..The end of this book.”

1 Samuel 14: 41-46…Jonathan accused and ransomed!

Therefore Saul said, “O LORD God of Israel, why have you not answered your servant this day? If this guilt is in me or in Jonathan my son, O LORD, God of Israel, give Urim. But if this guilt is in your people Israel, give Thummim.” And Jonathan and Saul were taken, but the peopleContinue reading “1 Samuel 14: 41-46…Jonathan accused and ransomed!”

1 Samuel 14: 36-40….Whose fault was it?

Then Saul said, “Let us go down after the Philistines by night and plunder them until the morning light; let us not leave a man of them.” And they said, “Do whatever seems good to you.” But the priest said, “Let us draw near to God here.” And Saul inquired of God, “Shall I goContinue reading “1 Samuel 14: 36-40….Whose fault was it?”

1 Samuel 9: 11-17 Saul and the seer meet on the road!

As they went up the hill to the city, they met young women coming out to draw water and said to them, “Is the seer here?” They answered, “He is; behold, he is just ahead of you. Hurry. He has come just now to the city, because the people have a sacrifice today on theContinue reading “1 Samuel 9: 11-17 Saul and the seer meet on the road!”

Hebrews 12: 18-24…. A comparison.

For you have not come to what may be touched, a blazing fire and darkness and gloom and a tempest and the sound of a trumpet and a voice whose words made the hearers beg that no further messages be spoken to them. For they could not endure the order that was given, “If evenContinue reading “Hebrews 12: 18-24…. A comparison.”

1 Samuel 3: 15-21…. A hard call!

Samuel lay until morning; then he opened the doors of the house of the LORD. And Samuel was afraid to tell the vision to Eli. But Eli called Samuel and said, “Samuel, my son.” And he said, “Here I am.” And Eli said, “What was it that he told you? Do not hide it fromContinue reading “1 Samuel 3: 15-21…. A hard call!”