Genesis 9: 18-25…..Man’s weakness

The sons of Noah who went forth from the ark were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. (Ham was the father of Canaan.) These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the people of the whole earth were dispersed.Noah began to be a man of the soil, and he planted a vineyard. He drank ofContinue reading “Genesis 9: 18-25…..Man’s weakness”

Philemon 10-18……What will a father do for his son?

I appeal to you for my child, Onesimus, whose father I became in my imprisonment. (Formerly he was useless to you, but now he is indeed useful to you and to me.) I am sending him back to you, sending my very heart. I would have been glad to keep him with me, in orderContinue reading “Philemon 10-18……What will a father do for his son?”

Psalm 31: 6-10….What is going on?

I hate those who pay regard to worthless idols,but I trust in the LORD.I will rejoice and be glad in your steadfast love,because you have seen my affliction;you have known the distress of my soul,and you have not delivered me into the hand of the enemy;you have set my feet in a broad place.Be graciousContinue reading “Psalm 31: 6-10….What is going on?”

Mark 15: 1-5…. The Roman trial begins,

And as soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council. And they bound Jesus and led him away and delivered him over to Pilate. And Pilate asked him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” And he answered him, “You have said so.”Continue reading “Mark 15: 1-5…. The Roman trial begins,”

Mark 14: 51-56…..Having fled, some followed….

And they all left him and fled.And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body. And they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked.And they led Jesus to the high priest. And all the chief priests and the elders and the scribes came together.Continue reading “Mark 14: 51-56…..Having fled, some followed….”

Micah 3: 9-12……A plain and damning declaration.

Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacoband rulers of the house of Israel,who detest justiceand make crooked all that is straight,who build Zion with bloodand Jerusalem with iniquity.Its heads give judgment for a bribe;its priests teach for a price;its prophets practice divination for money;yet they lean on the LORD and say,“Is not theContinue reading “Micah 3: 9-12……A plain and damning declaration.”

Micah 3: 5-8…..Leaders yesterday, advisers today!

Thus says the LORD concerning the prophetswho lead my people astray,who cry “Peace”when they have something to eat,but declare war against himwho puts nothing into their mouths.Therefore it shall be night to you, without vision,and darkness to you, without divination.The sun shall go down on the prophets,and the day shall be black over them;the seersContinue reading “Micah 3: 5-8…..Leaders yesterday, advisers today!”

Micah 1: 6-9…..For ‘she/her’ read Samaria.

Therefore I will make Samaria a heap in the open country,a place for planting vineyards,and I will pour down her stones into the valleyand uncover her foundations.All her carved images shall be beaten to pieces,all her wages shall be burned with fire,and all her idols I will lay waste,for from the fee of a prostituteContinue reading “Micah 1: 6-9…..For ‘she/her’ read Samaria.”

Psalm 18: 20-27…..Is this against the concept of ‘By Grace Alone’?

The LORD dealt with me according to my righteousness;according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me.For I have kept the ways of the LORD,and have not wickedly departed from my God.For all his rules were before me,and his statutes I did not put away from me.I was blameless before him,and I kept myselfContinue reading “Psalm 18: 20-27…..Is this against the concept of ‘By Grace Alone’?”

Psalm 9: 11-20….A burst of emotion!

Sing praises to the LORD, who sits enthroned in Zion!Tell among the peoples his deeds!For he who avenges blood is mindful of them;he does not forget the cry of the afflicted.Be gracious to me, O LORD!See my affliction from those who hate me,O you who lift me up from the gates of death,that I mayContinue reading “Psalm 9: 11-20….A burst of emotion!”