1 Samuel 14: 41-46…Jonathan accused and ransomed!

Therefore Saul said, “O LORD God of Israel, why have you not answered your servant this day? If this guilt is in me or in Jonathan my son, O LORD, God of Israel, give Urim. But if this guilt is in your people Israel, give Thummim.” And Jonathan and Saul were taken, but the people escaped. Then Saul said, “Cast the lot between me and my son Jonathan.” And Jonathan was taken.
Then Saul said to Jonathan, “Tell me what you have done.” And Jonathan told him, “I tasted a little honey with the tip of the staff that was in my hand. Here I am; I will die.” And Saul said, “God do so to me and more also; you shall surely die, Jonathan.” Then the people said to Saul, “Shall Jonathan die, who has worked this great salvation in Israel? Far from it! As the LORD lives, there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground, for he has worked with God this day.” So the people ransomed Jonathan, so that he did not die. Then Saul went up from pursuing the Philistines, and the Philistines went to their own place.

Comment: God puts His finger on Jonathan’s head and Saul is ready to kill him to fulfill his promised curse. The people would not have it – Jonathan was the centre pin of this great victory. They stood up to the king in absolute defiance. It says the people ransomed Jonathan. There was built into the law a sacrifice which ransomed children and could be used in other instances. Where was God in this? Did he want Jonathan dead? Was He trying to teach a lesson about ransoming? Jesus is the ransom for our mistakes (sins). I think there are several lessons in this event for us to learn!

i) Don’t make stupid statements without thinking them through. ii) Sometimes we must in God’s name defy authority. Maybe you can think of others.

Prayer: Make me sensitive enough to learn the lessons You teach before I make major mistakes. Please…

One thought on “1 Samuel 14: 41-46…Jonathan accused and ransomed!

  1. Thank you Barry for your comments on this passage. The words of James 1:19 came into my mind. “In view of what He (God) has made us then, dear brothers, let every man be quick to listen, but slow to use his tongue, and slow to lose his temper. For man’s temper is never the means of achieving God’s true goodness.” (J.B. Phillips Translation).
    God bless you.


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