Micah 6: 9-13…..A nasty list of human practices.

The voice of the LORD cries to the city—
and it is sound wisdom to fear your name:
“Hear of the rod and of him who appointed it!
Can I forget any longer the treasures of wickedness in the house of the wicked,
and the scant measure that is accursed?
Shall I acquit the man with wicked scales
and with a bag of deceitful weights?
Your rich men are full of violence;
your inhabitants speak lies,
and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.
Therefore I strike you with a grievous blow,
making you desolate because of your sins.

Comment: How does God’s voice cry out in the streets of today’s towns? Sadly with ‘ear muffs’ we can block out the voice of God but He has given us the Bible, we can learn the lessons of history and there are still faithful proclaimers of His truth! And here God lists as detestable things we all know about – ill-gotten gain, violence, lying, cheating, foul mouths whether speaking gossip or blasphemy. But the people of that time are warned (are we?) that they will surely cop it from God in His Just Anger!

Prayer: Help me to perceive and practice Your standards, O my God.

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