Proverbs 27: 1-6….Thinking about one’s self

1. Do not boast about tomorrow,
for you do not know what a day may bring.
2. Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
a stranger, and not your own lips.
3. A stone is heavy, and sand is weighty,
but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.
4.Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming,
but who can stand before jealousy?
5. Better is open rebuke
than hidden love.
6. Faithful are the wounds of a friend;
profuse are the kisses of an enemy

Comment: Proverbs are meant to be pithy and like parables to have meanings which need a lot of thought. So in list form, in these six little proverbs , are 6 aspects of personal life which need deep thought.

  • 1. Live in the light of your own mortality. We are really only sure of this instant, even if we have to plan for the future.
  • 2. Being praised is good, but self aggrandisement is a no-no.
  • 3. You could read this proverb in several ways, but, because of those around it, don’t act foolishly because it makes you a huge problem for those around you.
  • 4.Cruelty and anger are destructive in any relationship unless handled correctly. Jealousy, which like wrath and anger can be in the right circumstances good, can be the most destructive of the three.
  • 5. Be open with your friends and expect the same of them. Accept rebuke, openly express your love.
  • 6. Accept a friend’s advice but don’t be fooled by sham offers of friendship from enemies.

Obviously the complexity of inter-personal relationships can not be fully expressed in 6 short points. But these are a good basis on which to build. And which of us doesn’t need a bit of fine tuning?

Prayer: I want to end up mature, godly and a model in my home and community. Please keep me in the learning mode.

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